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JM-7502----Great salon product is coming

In 2017, we have brought out so many new products plans and obviously, JM-7502 is one of them and is ready for production right now.

We are not only improving the blade but also inside structure of our new corded hair clippers. So far, JM-7502 is designed for salon use and is also one of the newest clippers for vibration hair clippers in the whole world. Usually, there are two factors of hair clippers which we really take into consideration before we design a AC hair clipper. One is inside structure and the other is blade.

First, the inside structure
Well, it seems that the cutting experience of a vibration hair clipper usually depends on strength and sharpness. Upon strength, the inside structure is definitely mattered when you try to test on how strong a hair clipper is. We redesigned the whole CI and coil part to meet vibration working principle perfectly. As can be seen in the above picture, the contact surface for this newest structure is large, meanwhile, the bottom body is designed for this structure perfectly to meet longest service life of ac hair clipper. Generally speaking, JM-7502's inside structure is flawless and advanced in this industry.

Then, the blade 
The blade to the clipper is like the arms to the human. There are various blades in the whole global market. A cheap blade may cost you less than 0.2$ while the expensive blade may costs you over 15$. There are huge differences lying in three factors --sharpness, life and hardness. Upon the blade, JM-7502's blade is just improved this year for our new products and its material named 9CR18 which imported from Japan. Its HRC is around 62(normal blade is 56) and the treatment of this blade is different from the blade ever in the market before. It's sharper and harder you can barely see there is a blade who cuts hair better than this one in the global market. (please check the above pictures) For long-term and better use, this one suits salon requirement better than our normal blade do.

Overall, JM-7502 is the best corded hair clipper of our product range so far.

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