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Use and maintenance of hair clippers and hair trimmers

Using a hair clipper to cut hair sounds easy for everyone, but how to use it correctly and how to maintain it to expand its max life range need certain skills to achieve. From the perspective of a hair clipper manufacturer, we are here to give our own professional opinions on it.

About using

1) It really makes sense to lubricate the blade tooth often with special hair clipper oil, because the oil can keep the blade move smooth and steady and it's also better to lubricate the blade with specialized clipper oil, because other oil like kerosene will always volatile and remain impurities, which limits the blade movement. If a hair clipper is always missing a spot of hair when it's working, that always means that the blade is dirty and needs to clean and lubricate.

2) During working, the body and the blade will be a little fever without negative effect.
3) After a haircut, it should rest at least 10 mins.
4) If a vibration ac hair clipper is noisy when you turn it on, please adjust the voltage adjustment on the right side, because voltage changes from certain range due to some factors like weather, humidity and etc.  
5) After finish haircut, please remember to clean the blade so that it can be better use for next time.

About maintenance and warning

1) When finished, please clean the whole body and brush the blade with patience, then lubricate it.

2) Hair clipper should be kept in a dry and ventilation environment.
3) Don't bring it to the bathroom if the clipper is not water-proof. Meanwhile, do not cut the hair if they are wet.
4) If something goes wrong with the power line, it must be repaired by manufacturer like us or maintenance service to avoid danger. 

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