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Comparison of two AC hair clipper

There are two different AC hair clippers in the market, which can be easily distinguishable from its inside structure. One is magnetic principle and the other is vibration principle.

The magnetic working principle
Check the following picture, the inside structure here can be found in almost all of the inexpensive clippers in the market. This design is newer than the vibration ones, which is reliable and simple for most family use. When it's working, there are only a few parts moving. That is also why magnetic ac hair clippers can play longer than the vibration ones for a single time. The motor part consists of a spring with electromagnet to vibrate the blade back and forth, which provide less power than the vibration ac hair clippers, so it may be plenty for occasional use.

The vibration working principle

Now let's see the vibration ac hair clippers. This type of ac hair clippers costs more compared to magnetic ac hair clippers. What's more, there are many factors effect the way how vibration ac hair clippers work. It can be described as electromagnet moving back and forth, and there is a spring to pull it out. After energizing,  the electromagnet causes a suction, which move the armature inward. This back-and-forth movement completely meet alternating current. The blade speed of vibration ac hair clipper is faster than the magnetic ac hair clipper, which are used by professional stylists and are ideal for everyday cutting. It's longer-term use and stronger than the magnetic ones. Btw, our standard for each vibration ac hair clipper we produce is that when you turn on 15 mins and turn off 15 mins, this cycle can last over 1,000 hours.

What is right for your application ?
There are pros and cons of these two ac hair clippers. The heart of the working principle drives the blade differently. The most important thing on how you choose might depend on different situations.  Vibration ac hair clippers may perform well on barber while magnetic may perform well on home. Our ac hair clippers are all quality clippers and the material we use is examined strictly by our QC team. Definitely, our ac clippers always mean the difference.

AC hair clippers


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