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Linha de massa longa e curta, ninho e Silos

The difference between hair clipper and trimmer

Hair clippers and hair trimmers seem to go hand and hand these days and most people take it as the same when they cut hairs. However, there are difference between two hair tools even though they are both designed to cut hair from different parts. Let us guide the relative few distinctions in these two hair tools which share the same working principle, so that you can take cutting hair under control.

Clippers are design to cut long and thick hair

Clippers are used to to cut hair at the start of cutting process, which is much better to cut larger bits of hair. Mostly they are deigned to deal with longer hair with different attachment combs for various needs. The difference lies in not only the blade size but also the length. Hair clippers definitely perform well where there need a cut of long amount of hair. It's easy to perform well around the head and chest for various needs of hair style. Clippers will make it easier for the final cut and smooth finish.

Trimmers are more focused

Even clippers can do a great job in cutting hair. However, there are often some spots where stylists might need a little more effort to shave off some bits. Therefore, a trimmer is needed and usually, trimmers can cut hair close to skin and useful for beards, eyebrows, sideburns and other spaces where the hair is shorter in length. "Go easy with the clipper, I just want a trim", this might be a common scene which happens in daily life. A better trimmers can perform well in shaving, nosing and body grooming and there are quantities of guys just cut everything with trimmer.

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