Fabricação e reformas de máquinas de massas alimentícias
Linha de massa longa e curta, ninho e Silos
Linha de massa longa e curta, ninho e Silos

We Want You !!!

Ningbo Homebeauty Appliance Co.,Ltd, founded in 2005, has gain rapid development and expansion in the design, manufacturer and application in the past few years.
In 2017, we take our steps steadily and adopt salami tactics to win a good reputation as we always do in the global market. We are not focus on company development but also focus on employee growth and integrated employee's value by letting the employee involve in management in order to satisfy growth needs or self-actualization needs.
Do you intuitively understand and have an eye for detail of hair clippers? Do you love a great challenge? Do you have an intuition for how small changes would make the cut experience better? Homebeauty wants to talk to you because we have the perfect job for you.

We are hiring:

  •     One Statistician in workshop
  1.      Senior high school degree.
  2.      Know how to use ERP, Word, Excel and etc.
  3.      Two years relevant work experience.
  •      One Buyer
  1.      Three year experience.
  2.      Expert in packaging material and hardware.
  3.      Strong sense of responsibility.
  4.      Proactive
  •      One Director of warehouse
  1.      Know how to use ERP, Word, Excel and etc.
  2.      Two years relevant working experience.
  3.      Strong sense of responsibility.
  •     Twenty general workers
  1.      Healthy, age:18-45 
  2.      Studious if no working experience
  3.      Obey the rule
  1.      One year working experience.
  2.      International Business/Business English/Web Marketing major
  3.      Studious 


Ningbo Homebeauty Electrical Applicance Co.,LTD 

Ad : Yuantai Road, Xikou Industrial Zone,

       Fenghua 315502, Ningbo, China

Tel : 86-0574-88879555/ 86-0574-88871588

Email : postmaster@homebeautychina.com

Homebeauty Electrical Appliances Co.,ltd